Prepare Your Pet for Thunderstorm and Fireworks Season

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This is the season of afternoon thunderstorms and fireworks. Loud noises may be a source of anxiety for your pet.
If your pet displays symptoms of serious anxiety, please contact one of our doctors for treatment options.
If your pet suffers from mild anxiety, try one or all of the following suggestions to help your pet stay calm.
1. Use pheromones - Adaptil for dogs is available in a collar, as a spray, or diffuser; Feliway for cats is available as a spray or diffuser.
2. Thundershirt (dogs)
3. Calming Supplements -such as Zylkene or ProQuiet fpr dogs
4. Adjust the Environment - create a safe, darkened, comfortable place for your dog or cat to stay for the duration of the noise.  If it is helpful, provide background noise such as the radio or television.
Thunderstorm and fireworks season can be a very stressful time for your pet. Use the above listed steps to increase their comfort and safety during these potentially stressful times.
If the above ideas do not help, it is time to contact one of our doctors for advice.